History tells that Invicta is a magical city with a mystical warrior never seen before. Based on this sentiment, Levare Craft Beer and Colossus Craft Brewery, two Porto brewers, have teamed up and created a new style, directly from Porto to the world - this is the birth of Porto Strong Ale. A beer based on well-malted Belgian styles, with ingredients from England and a proud Portuguese soul.
Promises to arouse emotions and animate hearts.


Olinda is special and comes with spring. This beer results from a partnership with the Six Fist Craft Beer of Brazil.

The production is inspired by the battle of the Guararapes, in which the Luso-Brazilian victory ended the Dutch invasions in Brazilian territory, being an important historical milestone for the commercialization of sugarcane.

Based on this historical context we have included sugarcane honey in production along with oak bark. This beer fits in the light and easy-to-drink Red Ale style, designed to add a special touch to your spring evenings!

This beer is a special edition and will only be available in our tap room! Limited to existing stock.